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Monday, July 31, 2006

"How old are you?" quiz.

You Are 30 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yep, my baby is perfect.

We had an ob/gyn appointment yesterday and everything looks great. I've gained about 12lbs to date. I really want to keep it at 20 or less total for my whole pregnancy so I guess I'm going to have to slow down on the sonic cheeseburgers that I crave so much. But, I am doing so well at controlling my blood sugar that my endocrinologist sent my OB a letter telling her what a good girl I am. I felt like a 3rd grader whose teacher sent a nice note home to her mommy.

The dr. is going to have sonograms done at each of my visits from now on to check the baby's growth. Because I am diabetic it is likely that the baby will be large so she's keeping an eye on him to make sure he dosen't get too big which wouldn't be good for me or him either one.

The sonogram we had done yesterday was perfect, or so the tech said. She even wrote on my chart, perfect growth.

My doctor also gave me the go ahead to go to my college homecoming even though it is three weeks before my due date. She said that at that point in my pregnancy there's no reason a hospital in Abilene couldn't handle the delivery and since it's my hometown I know my way to both hospitals. I'm not thrilled about the idea of delivering in Abilene with out my doctor BUT if worse comes to worse it'll be okay. My mom told me yesterday that the OB in Abilene that delivered me is still practicing, so I guess we could make it a family tradition.

Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know how things are going with my pregnancy. Hope everything is great with everyone else!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


As I mentioned in my previous post, hubby began working on scraping up our kitchen flooring last week in order to begin the large project of laying new flooring in our whole house. Well, he got just about done last night.

As you can see in this picture he is getting up the last of the flooring next to the carpet. So, we get up this morning thinking we've got a little more cleaning up on the floor to do as well as remove the flooring underneath the appliances before we can begin laying new tile.

Somewhere in our morning discussion about the "game plan" for today. One of us, (me) uttered the words "Well, as long as we're going to have everything all messed up in the kitchen we might as well __________(fill in the blank). " That blank got filled in with, paint the cabinets, put new laminate on the counter tops, paint the walls, scrape and retexture the ceiling. Oh my goodness!! What were we thinking??

Not long after this discussion I did what every smart, spoiled rotten, only child, does, I called my mommy and daddy to come help. They came over. Dad helped hubby get up the rest of the mean nasty linoleum and mom and I emptied the contents of the entire kitchen.

Everything that was in the kitchen ended up in the back room, what is supposed to be the baby's room, the room which has an absolute deadline. Yikes.

Now, if you'll look closely at that last picture you'll notice that there's no oven range or dishwasher in that room. That's because hubby and I have officially achieved the status of white trash. Where are our appliances you might ask. Well, here is your answer.

Yep, that's our dishwasher and range sitting in our carport. Right now all we're missing is a pitbull chained up in the front yard next to our old car up on blocks that hasn't been mowed around our under for a couple of months. So, maybe we're not quite official yet, but we're sure getting close.

So, now my kitchen is totally prepared to begin accepting the mediums of remodeling; paint, tile, texture, etc. I'm thinking the Domino's pizza man is going to learn his way to our house by heart by the time all of this is over since my microwave is the only working cooking device I have at the moment. Wish us luck!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

So, the question is what is the equal and opposite reaction for your husband when he stays up until 1am scraping linoleum flooring from your kitchen?

Well, before I answer that question let me just state what I'm sure I've said before. I have the worlds most awesome husband. He's handsome, he's smart, he's sweet, and he's one helluva handy man (not to mention he looks really cute when he's bent over scraping the kitchen floor with his shorts riding about half way down his cute little "no butt").

Before the arrival of baby number one, we have enough projects to be done that Bob Villa would run screaming in the other direction. Hubby however is not phased by the seemingly endless list of honey do's that must be completed sometime in the next 17 weeks. One of these tiny little, no big deal, I can do it in a weekend, projects is putting new flooring in the whole house.

Normal people would go, get a home depot credit card, pick out some carpet/laminate/tile and have them lay it and pay for it for 6 months longer than the flooring actually lasts. Nope, not hubby. He's a do-it-yourself kind of guy. So, yesterday he decided that "the list" can be ignored no longer. He calls me on his way home from work and says he's going to pick up "a couple of things" at Lowe's and be home later. An hour and a half after that he calls and offers to pick up Chicken E on the way home. I didn't argue. We eat some yummy, greasy, no excuse for exposing your pregnant body to this crap, chicken and then go to unload the car.

We bring in things that I have no idea what they are and some of them quite frankly scare the hell out of me. One of which is a 4ft long metal pole with a giant blade attatched to the end of it. He tells me it is "an industrial floor scraper". After we get it all inside he grabs said "industrial floor scraper" looks at me and says "I want to see how well this is going to work." I grin, while the wife in my head says "Yeah, and you're not going to be able to stop. I know you. You're like that." I, being the good wife, and appreciating the fact that he intends to basically remodel my whole house before the arrival of our child, sit down at the dining room table, fire up my lap top, and begin to watch. It's not 5 minutes and he's pulling off his shirt. At which point in time, I suggest he just go ahead and put some work clothes on. Enter no shirt, old baggy shorts, old tennis shoes, and strap on the knee pads and thus begins the adventure of the kitchen floor. But not before a trip outside to the shed for a painters tool and razor blades.

(Funny aside, he comes back in the back door from the shed with his hands full of stuff and because his hands are full he can't pull up his old baggy shorts which have fallen completely off of his butt. He's having to walk all splay legged to keep them from falling down around his ankles. Being the helpful wife that I am. I just stated the obvious "Honey, your pants fell down." while laughing, not with him, at him. Wow, he puts up with a lot of crap from me!)

So, as previously mentioned he continues to scrape, pull, peel and coax (with curse words) the 25 year old linoleum from the kitchen floor, until approximately 1am. At which point in time he sweeps up the mess from the kitchen floor to reveal that he's only about 1/3 of the way done. We both just kind of chuckle and get ready for bed.

Now, the answer to the question, "What is the result of all of this?" Hubby usually has an alarm that goes of at 6am and if he doesn't get up then, he's up with in 10 minutes. This morning I yawn, stretch, open my eyes, see daylight, and notice that hubby is still in bed. I look at my clock. 8am. I softly and sweetly say "Honey, did you not set an alarm?" At which he comes flying out from under the covers, looks at the clock, wonders why his alarm didn't go off, and immediatley begins his morning routine of making coffee and eating breakfast. At 10 am he's showered, dressed, drugged up with Aleve (from the previous night's slaving) and ready to walk out the door when he becomes engrossed in a cheesy vampire movie.

He went into the living room to hit record on the TiVo and makes the mistake of sitting down to perform this task. 10 minutes later, again in my sweetest wife voice, I say "Honey, you do know it's after 10 o'clock?" I get a "Yeah" while he's still staring glaze eyed at the TV. "You do know you're recording that?" The same response "Yeah". "You do know that means you can watch it later?" Finally, I got through "Huh?" breaking eye contact with the TV, "Yeah, I'd better get to work."

Husbands are such funny things!! He's smart enough and talented enough to do pretty much anything in the world, but he can't resist the siren song of "John Carpenter's Vampires II".

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Neighbor Update #2

Let me see if I can sum this up in a few brief points:
  • Yard STILL not mowed.
  • Trash STILL in yard.
  • Dog running loose AGAIN!
  • Called Animal control.
  • Was put on a "list" to have the ONE county animal control officer come out and "look into it".
  • Want to strangle neighbor.