baby development

Saturday, December 31, 2005


Well, it's just after midnight Jan 1, 2006. My hubby and I just FINALLY got high speed internet at our house today. Needless to say I think we're still up at this hour not due to the fact that it is new year's but more so because we're both stuck to our computers. For the sake of our marriage, thank God we each have our own computers. Anyway. . . Since we've finally arrived in the world of modern technology I've decided to join three of my best friends and have my own blog. So...welcome to pitter patter and chit chat. Why pitter patter and chit chat? Well the chit chat is pretty obvious, if you know me, you know I never shut up. And pitter patter because it is my deepest and most sincere wish that my hubby and I will add a new member to our little family this year. So, wish us luck.