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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Easter!

Wow, it was an exciting day at Grandma's house today. It was the first Easter for William, and Kaden, and Makhala and we were fortunate enough to have them all together.

Mom, Will and I went to sunrise service this morning so we were up and leaving the house around 6am. It's a good thing too. It took us the rest of the time until lunch to get all of the food ready.

We had a house full. My sister Sharon and her whole family including my niece's boyfriend, my brother and his whole family, our family friends, the Travis's, my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Randy, Mom and Dad, and of course the three of us. All told there were 24 of us. Nothing compared to the close to 40 that show up for Thanksgiving but still a fun day.

Here are some preliminary pictures. I'm sure I'll post more when my sister e-mails them to me. See, I was holding, or propping up Will during most of the picutres and Ben was on camera duty. He wasn't always exactly paying attention when it was picture time. Good thing my sister is such a shutter bug.

Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter!

My sister. She looks fabulous for 40!
There's an egg on the milk jug handle with his name on it!
Candace and her new baby girl Makahla
Will checking out his haul!
Will and cousin Ty having a ball with Big Bear.