baby development

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wow-wee Wow!!

Between Ben's dad and mine there was plenty of help to be had in the kitchen this weekend. Cabinets got painted, countertops fitted and soon to be installed, sink dropped in, lots of work got done. My kitchen is starting to look like a kitchen again and it's BEAUTIFUL!!

My sweetie has worked himself silly this weekend and our respective Dads have broken a sweat and sacrificed a little blood to our kitchen this weekend too. With the exception of completing the paint job on the cabinets my kitchen should be put back together by mid-week. I promise to post tons of pictures when that happens not to mention the complete menu of the first meal cooked in my new kitchen.


Picture this. . .

Me: Sitting on the couch with a frosty silver can (of diet coke) watching the colts vs. giants game yelling "OFF SIDES!!!" at the TV.

Ben: Sweeping and vaccuming.

What's wrong with this picture?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We have floor!!!

I must reiterate. My hubby is a hoss. The kitchen floor is almost completely covered in tile and it is beautiful. He was up until 1am last night working on the floor and worked until 10pm again tonight. Not to mention the night before he conquered the clothes dryer which was having some serious issues after having ingested an ink pen into it's lint trap. He showed that dryer who was boss and just dared it to ever even look at him funny again!! You go baby, teach that dryer what happens to appliances in our house that don't behave!

I couldn't be more excited about how beautiful my floor is and I couldn't be more grateful to my hubby for working himself to the nub to make the progress he's made. Check out these pictures of my beautiful kitchen floor.

Posted by Picasa Yea hubby! Yea hubby! As he put it in an e-mail to me today, he got in a fight with the house, gave it a titty twister and made it cry uncle. Yes you did baby! Gee, I'm a lucky girl!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sooner rather than later. . .

It looks like our baby William will be making his arrival sooner than his parents expected. At my last doctor visit I was told that it is standard practice to induce diabetic patients at 38 weeks. So, we're going to be speeding up the preparations a bit. Ben is working furiously on getting the kitchen done so that we can begin work in the baby's room. So, as things stand right now we've got 7 weeks until William's arrival. I know it's only two weeks but 7 weeks seems like so much less time than 9 weeks. Why is that?

To tell the truth, even though poor hubby is under a lot more pressure to get things done I'm feeling some relief. I'm glad to know that I won't have to wait and worry about knowing when I'm actually in labor, making it to the hospital in time, etc., etc., etc. I'm glad to know that I'll have an appointment, walk out the front door with my bag feeling just lovely, and, God willing, come home a few days later with a beautiful baby boy. I'm willing to sacrifice two extra weeks for that peace of mind.

Now, the only question left to be answered in the next 7 weeks is whether or not William will be sleeping in a completed nursery or a dresser drawer when he comes home. I have faith in hubby. Come back soon and check for an update on kitchen progress. Right now I'm looking at his tiny hiny up in the air while he's on his hands and knees diligently applying ceramic tile to my kitchen floor. Keep up the good work honey!


I want to send out lots of hugs and a big CONGRATULATIONS to hubby's cousin Kristi and her family. Kristi gave birth to Billy Houston yesterday making her a mommy of 5. They have four beautiful girls and now a sweet baby boy to add to their family. CONGRATS we love you guys!